• Professionally Managed

    Experiments are professionally managed by industry experts in international conversion testing. We thoroughly plan tests to facilitate greater results and deeper insights.

  • Analytics Integration

    Why set up all your custom goals and reports again? GlobalMaxer integrates with your analytics tool giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Multiple Conversion Points

    GlobalMaxer can test visitors from the homepage to the shopping cart. We can cover all the bases with multiple conversion points and revenue tracking for your website.

  • Advanced Segmentation

    Our cultural conversion experts can provide a multitude of advanced segmentation testing to uncover deeper insights. Whether it’s testing German visitors independently of English or PPC traffic independently of SEO, GlobalMaxer has the expertise with unlimited segments.

  • Easy but powerful

    GlobalMaxer makes managing a test as simple as point and click. For more advanced tests, we can edit HTML and add in new elements.

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  • JT

    Jersey Telecom

    554% increase in Classified Ad placement for JT using GlobalMaxer

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  • Poker Heaven

    Poker Heaven Logo

    110% increase in downloads for Poker Heaven using GlobalMaxer

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  • Mio International

    Mio International Logo

    Over €60k revenue increase for Mio after testing basket pages with GlobalMaxer

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More case studies

  • STA Travel

    The team were committed to delivering a level of service that was nothing but the very best.

    -- Michelle Casey, Internet Sales Manager

  • RedEye International

    GlobalMaxer have been quick to answer questions, fix issues and turn around tests.

    -- Chris Gibbins, Head of User Experience

  • Mio Technology

    I thoroughly recommend GlobalMaxer and the professionalism of their staff.

    -- Tomasz Abramowicz, Web Content Manager